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WN 62, Omaha beach viewd from the German side

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    Thanks for the photos, but they are not enough to tell.


      I have stood in his position, I have a photo, but I can't seem to find it. My recollection is there was very clear views to the NW. His position on the down slope is far enough that the bluffs West of him do not impair his views. But, given WN62 was one of many resistance nests, how far to the NW would he have concerned himself with? What was the width of a given sector?


        Do you think you would still have seen down to the beach to the NW if you were at ground level (i.e. laying down)?
        Of course nothing is definitive, but if he could not see to the NW then no casualties in that direction could be attributed to him.
        Even the casualties that were within his view were not all caused by him, but I'm just thinking about what was the maximum possible.
        I don't have the space in front of me, but IIRC, at least two of the companies of 1/16th IR landed to the NW.
        Its possible to examine his line of sight, and then see who landed within his LofS between 630 and 1500 or so. Start subtracting casuaalties caused by artillery, obstacles, etc. After all the subtracting is done you have a theoretical maximum.


          I need to get his book in English. I read third hand Severloh said he fired to about 6oom away. If he can see to the NW, and that is correct, one could see how far down the beach he might have cared. I need to pick up Kingseeds book on Dawson as well. His descriptions may indicate direction of German MG fire illustrating whether the vic of WN62, WN64, or the bluffs to the front appeared to generate the most noticeable fire.


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