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Belgian Liege gunmakers (N to R) - Volume 5

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    Belgian Liege gunmakers (N to R) - Volume 5

    Belgian Liege gunmakers (N to R) - Volume 5

    The text is written in French AND English.

    Webpage with details :

    This book is the fifth of the series and is covering the gun makers whose names are in the N to R range of the alphabetical order. Each gun maker is presented with the maximum of data available and a wealth of color pictures about the most typical pieces of his production. Are also discussed the many markings found applied on the guns and their significance or purpose.

    N section
    P section
    R section

    Neufcour J. E.
    Neumann & Cie
    Neumann - Clément
    Neumann Fréres
    Neuprez Frères
    New Haven Arms
    Niquet Claude
    Niquet Julien
    Niquet Le Jeune
    Noisette J.

    O section

    Ortmann W.
    Ory L.
    Ory Ch. & Duquenne J.
    Oury Dieudonné
    Oury J. J.
    Oyez Arms Co

    Pahaut & Carmanne
    Paulus J. B.
    Pecklers & Fils
    Pecklers Mathias & Fils
    Petitjean H.
    Petry J. Auguste
    Pieper (Dynasty)
    Pieper Henri
    Pieper S.A
    Pieper S.A. (Anc. Ets.)
    Pieper Nicolas
    Piot - Lepage & Lepine
    Pire J. & Cie
    Pirlet H.
    Pirlot Frères
    Pirlot & Frésart
    Pirlot & Simonis
    Pirotte Jacques & Fils
    Pirotte Martin
    Pliers Adrien
    Poilvache Léonard
    Polain Prosper
    Polain Jules
    Poncin Ailid
    Poncin F.
    Poudrerie Pelgrims & Bombeek
    Poudrerie d'Ombret
    Poudrerie de Clermont
    Prévost Gustave
    Prion Antoine
    Puraye J-B

    Raick Frères
    Raker Théodore
    Reel F.
    Remy Hubert
    Renkin J (Veuve)
    Renotte Dieudonné Joseph
    Riga Alphonse
    Rissack M. Fils
    Rissack Jean Jacques
    Robar & de Kerkhove
    Robar L. & Cie
    Robert Charles & Cie
    Robert Ch. & Gillon Noël
    Robiefroid Paul
    Rocour B.
    Rocour - Delsa B. & Cie
    Roland Désiré
    Rongé Jean Baptiste
    Rongé Jean Baptiste Fils
    Rongé Antoine
    Rosseel Jules
    Rotsaert Léonard
    Rouhette G.
    Rouma Lambert
    Rousseaux Victor

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