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Sons of the Reich: by Michael Reynolds

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    Sons of the Reich: by Michael Reynolds

    Hey guys wondering if any one has read this book if its worth getting?
    its by Michael Reynolds

    he also wrote
    "Men of Steel: The Ardennes and Eastern Front 1944-45"
    "Steel Inferno: I Panzer Corps in Normandy"

    are any of these worth getting




      Originally posted by leib1 View Post
      Short and sweet
      they looked a bit cheesy TBH


        They're decent, but don't have much that isn't already in the divisional histories. It makes sense that Reynolds had to thank Fedorowicz for allowing quoting from the unit histories they publish, since he took so much from them.

        You can find cheap copies of the Reynolds books out there, so try one as a teaser to see if you're interested in then ordering the more expensive unit histories.


          I got this book for Christmas and am only half way through it. IMO it's well written and very informative. I would recomend it.


            Copied what others did, no original research in his earlier titles.


              Thanks guys, I will pass on these books.

              What other books should i add here are some i have.

              I have "Otto Weidinger's" "Das Reich" Vol 1-5 also "Comrades to the End"
              "Rudolf Lehmann" the Leibstandarte: 1 SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Vol-4

              I have "The 12th SS vol 1-2" "Hubert Meyer"
              also "Michael Wittmann and the SS Tiger Commanders of the Leibstandarte in WWII"
              " Patrick Agte"

              Any others i should add to the list Thanks


                You need to have all of Mark Yerger's books on the SS, if you are a serious student of the SS. My personal favorites are the 2 volumes of WAFFEN SS COMANDERS.


                  Originally posted by Reichsword View Post
                  You need to have all of Mark Yerger's books on the SS, if you are a serious student of the SS. My personal favorites are the 2 volumes of WAFFEN SS COMANDERS.
                  Just been looking at his books.
                  Totenkopf. The Structure, Development and Personalities of the 3.SS-Panzer-Division
                  Looks quite good


                    In the Firestorm of the Last Year of the War is the veterans' history of the Hohenstaufen and Frundsberg Divisions. Sons of the Reich is largely taken from it.

                    In Good Faith is the 2-volume veterans' history of the 4. SS-Polizei-Panzergrenadier Division. It didn't have as glamorous a history as the SS-Panzer Divisionen, but these books will teach you a lot about battles that get very little coverage in English.

                    Books you can get more cheaply (mostly paperback) that are recommended include Viking Panzers (SS-Panzer Regiment 5), and two Heer (German Army) histories, The History of the 23rd Panzer Divison and The History of the 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion (both originally in more expensive hardcover editions that should still be available).


                      Any of Mark Yerger, Marc Rikmenspoel,Leaping Horseman,George Nipe, to name a few I have over 700 titles so your best just asking on here if there any good


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