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Collectors Books - Pros and Cons

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    Collectors Books - Pros and Cons

    My thoughts have always been that the books in any hobby are a necessary evil. I read so much that is in error that I am starting to believe that they are more evil than necessary. Also they seem to be a bit pricy and the authors seem to be in some sort of competition to out do each other. May be the reason why they cost so much? What I'm really trying to say is that hands on experience may be the better of the two. Whenever possible.

    There is no doubt that hands on experience will always be the best way of learning. I was fortunate enough to meet, in my early collecting days, owners of some of the ongest established collections of fine originals in Europe, something which speeded up my learning process and saved me lots of grief. Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky.
    Thats why Forums like this are so important, no we can post images of dubious pieces and solicit opinions from a wide range of experienced fellow collectors who may have had the hands on experience we have lacked in some areas.

    Books will always be contentious. Fakes will always find their way into them simply because no one is perfect and all knowing. The big problem comes with those who deliberately or through carelessness allow totally spurious, bogus pieces to appear. There are some great, if slightly flawed "gems" in the book world. I'm afraid if we wait for the perfect book, we will wait for ever. It doesn't mean that there arne't some fine, virtually indispensable works out there.



      gordon, in addition to your own, could you please recommend some reference books on german military badges, both in print and out. thank you.



        These are my own personal favourites

        Iron Cross

        The Iron Time. A must.

        General Military Awards

        F├╝hrer and Fatherland Vol 1.
        Most of the fakes were taken out bz the 3rd Edition. Still a lot of errors but an excellent basic work with some real nice pieces.

        Orden und Ehrenzeichen -Bewertungskatalog. Detlev Niemann.
        Okay, its only prices, no text, but super photos from and back of genuine rarities. Another must. Beats Formans guide any day.

        Collecting Militarz Badges of the 3rd Reich. Mike Tucker.
        A few wrong pieces, but still a great work for showing close up details of hinges, pin fittings etc.

        Orden und Ehrenzeichen des Dritten Reiches. Horst Mandry.
        A photo catalogue with little or no text, but nice front and back colour photos of some lovely pieces.

        Auszeichnungen der Kriegsmarine. Klaus Patzwall. Mz own all time favourite and just about the best book on awards ever written. It coveres everzthing a KM soldiers could conceivablz earn, in great detail with all the original award regulations etc. Even things like the Anti-Partisan Badge. Long out of print and would set you back around $150 if you can find one.

        These are my own basic favourites.



          Great, thanks for the input. I would guess that any book is of some value, possibly some more than others. And like what was said, we all can't be perfect. I would also venture to guess that since most of us were not around when the items were produced we go mostly on blind faith. This is what may be keeping the hobby going and getting stronger.


            If you have any interest in Luftwaffe flight badges, Russel Huff's "Wings of WWII" is a must have.



              Thank you for mentioning Wings of WW2 as it is an excellent book. I had purchased a copy from Russ when he first published it. Worth menioning is that you may still find copies around both in hard bound and soft bound.


                Andy this is the first time i believe i heard of this book. Does it have many photo's , front and back of the badges, in color? And what do you believe is the going price of the book, on more thing if you don't mind and that is if there is a second or third edition to the book. thanks


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