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New Book on German Cross

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    New Book on German Cross

    Just published. "Das Deutsche Kreuz 1941-45" by Klaus Patzwall and Veit Scherzer.
    This is Vol 2, which lists all the winners from all branches of the services. Vol 1, which isn't out yet, will cover the award itself and all the maker variants etc.

    Quality hardbound book with 563 pages of fairly small text. No biographical details, just name, rank, unit, date of award. Well worth having though as at last all branches are covered in a single volume.

    For further details , go to


    Patzwall Verlag has always been a leader for this sort of research.

    When you get your copy, would like to know how many of the odd under-reported organizations' recipients there are listed.

    I've found Gold awards to one HJ Leader and a Volksturm commander, and Silver awards to the head of the OrPo Kurt Daluege (the original certificate and recommendation for which I have had the pleasure of seeing personally), Allgemeine SS general Eggert Reeder, an officer in Transportkorps Speer, two to harbor inspectors (!) of the Reichskommissariat for Sea Travel (!), and three to Organization Todt officers. There must surely have been many more oddball awards that fell into cracks not covered by the Wehrmacht published rolls.

    Also, back in the mid 1980s, Horst Scheibert's two books (Podzun-Pallas Verlag)listing Wehrmacht recipients also listed birthdates for naval recipients, apparently because that data was at hand in their lists.

    I'm wondering, given the lesser pages of the new Patzwall version, whether that has been lost in the new volume.

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      I already have my copy to hand. Top quality as far as construction is concerned, nice quality paper, good binding, laminated covers rather than Patzwall's usual dustjacket.
      I have found a couple of names which were not in the earlier books, but if you have any others you know of, I'll happily check them in this one. The only way we'll know if the info in this one is better than the previous works is by checking for names that were not included in these earlier books.

      Eggert Reeder is listed as Mil Verw Chef, Mil Bfehlshaber Belgien u Nordfrankreich, award date 17/8/43. No mention of Daluege though.

      There is also a separate listing of those awards granted after 8/5/45



        Sounds a must , i have noticed that the cover mentions BAND II +> is there another volume to come up soon ?

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