Wehrmacht-Awards.com is an apolitical history site, the use of era symbols throughout its pages should not be misconstrued as support for the ideals of the Third Reich or the National Socialist Party. Wehrmacht-Awards.com does not condone individuals or organizations that use the deposed standards and symbols of the era to further their current political or social agenda.  Likewise, this site does not support or embrace, and in fact strongly rejects, those who use the standards of the era as a pretext to perpetuate violence and intolerance in our time.

This site does support an honest and objective study of history and militaria of the Wehrmacht and Third Reich.  To study the subject is to dive into both the history of thousands of men who fought for their country with only the soldierly goal of surviving, and those who during the time committed acts which are repudiated today.  Although the sitesí main focused is on militaria and military subjects (as opposed to political), it is recognized that in walking through the halls of history an unpleasant door is often found.  The sober study of historical events which may make us uncomfortable is not only acceptable, it is expected. 

It is imperative to recognize that explaining and researching is not excusing, understanding is not forgiving.  A failure to study history in its entirety is nothing short of an indictment on the truth.

SebastiŠn J. Bianchi
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