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QF 4-inch Mk XVI naval gun shell

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    QF 4-inch Mk XVI naval gun shell


    Due to the recent server upgrade, most of my posts from the last 3-4 weeks seem to have disappeared. As such I am reposting this. This is my 4” naval gun projectile which took me approximately 7 years to locate. This particular projectile was used on many Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, and Royal Australian Naval warships in the 30’s and 40’s up until approximately 1970. This piece of ammunition is 42.1 inches (1.07 m) long and weighs approximately 57.75 pounds and with the piece filled weighs 66.75 pounds (30.28 kg). The weight of the projectile itself is 35 pounds (16 kg).

    The projectile itself was purchased at a local surplus store approximately 7 years ago and the shell casing was purchased through an Antique arms dealer in the southern U.S. approximately 2 years ago. I had been searching for the shell casing for this piece for approximately 5 years when it came up for sale through the dealer. He had stated that in his 20 plus years of dealing, he had never run across a shell casing like this as they are extremely rare and only a few known to exist on decommissioned WW2 warships, one being the HMCS Haida which is located in Ontario Canada. As far as I am aware, I currently own the only piece in a private collection in North America. As such, this is an extremely rare piece of WW2 and post war history.

    I am not to sure of the actual painting on this projectile and the driving band was missing so I fabricated a new one from pictures. The markings are all original and stamped directly into the projectile and casing as was the norm.

    Some of the markings on the projectile and casing indicate the following:

    Projectile Upper :

    S.E. - unknown
    10585 YS - unknown
    4 - unknown

    Projectile Lower:

    4in 35LB N2FA - 35lbs is the weight of the projectile, N2FA is Naval mk2 Fixed Ammunition ie it was crimped in a case
    @ 2/56 47 FS - date of manufacture ie FEB. 1956, FS indicating that the projectile is manufactured from forged steel

    Bottom of Casing:

    Lot 262
    Mks XVI & XVI* GUNS
    LOT 262

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