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Research knight cross holder Erich Nurnberger

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    Research knight cross holder Erich Nurnberger

    Hello fellow collectors,

    I am working on a research about the knight cross holder Erich Nurnberger.

    He was a knight cross holder in the 122 inf.div. (Greif) and Zugfuhrer of the 12. kp III Btl, 410 Gren.Rgt.
    He was born sept the 22th 1919 at Schonfelde , Allenstein (East Prussia) and KIA march the 12th 1944 at the Narva front in Russia.
    He was awarded the knight cross at dec. the 4th 1942, as a feldwebel/zugfuhrer.

    After his death he was posthumously promoted to leutnant.

    I have the official portrait photo of the Greif division and a print-screen of Erich Nurnberger and two other RKT holders with a artikel in the Warschauer Zeitung (period december 1942). I am also in the possession of the book that was written about the Greif Division: Helmut Weber, 122 Infanterie Division, "Erinnerungen der Pommersch-Mecklenbugischen Greif-Division"

    I am interested in the formal reason/report for his knight cross (vorschlag) and other documents. Also very interested in photo's of Erich Nurnberger.
    If anyone has more information, photo's etc it would be of great help.
    I have attached a portrait photo of Erich Nurnberger

    erich nurnberger.jpg

    Thanks for your time,

    Nobody on this forum that could help me with Erich Nurnberger?
    Maybe when you look trough your photodatabase? Their must be photo's of him somewhere?
    Thanks for your time!


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