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Vorausabteilung Schmidt

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    Vorausabteilung Schmidt

    Hi all

    I'm currently writing a paper about the Battle of Belgium in 1940. For this, I would like to have some more information about the following Vorausabteilung, formed within the 19. Infanterie Division, under the command of Oberst Gustav Schmidt. I'm wondering about the number of troops? Possible weapons? etc..

    II./A.R.677 (mot)

    Thanks a lot!

    Hello to all ; just to start............................................. ...........

    Vorausabteilung Schmidt.

    May 27th. According to aviation reports, there is apparently the enemy is dissolved and in full retreat, because of that picture, at 06:00 hours all motorized and cyclist parts of the division are subordinate to the commander of J.R. 74. These are the II./JR74, II./JR59, AA19, 1./Pz.Jg.19, 14./Pz.Jg.JR74, II./AR 677 (mot) IFH, order: Pursuit over Oostnieuwkerke and taking possession of the heights of Bergmolens as the first objective. The rest of the J.R.74 was to be led by Oberstleutnant Rohlfs.

    At 11:20 hours, II./J.R.74, supported by II./AR.677, sets out to attack the heights west of Bergmolen. It was heavily occupied by the enemy. It also fires briskly with artillery. II./J.R.59 is to be employed to the right of II./J.R. 74. A.A.19 secures the left flank. Gradually the image of the enemy is clearing up and we have to recognize that we are faced with a strongly developed and strongly occupied, continuous field position of the Belgians. Use of stronger artillery is therefore necessary.

    At this time, in the front line, the company leader of the 6th Company, Oberleutnant Lojewski, fell through a rifle grenade. The death of this hero is the regiment's worst loss so far. After uniform artillery preparation, the attack is to resume at 19:00 hours. However, it was not possible to get a uniform artillery preparation in motion by this time. The attack is therefore not carried out. Also, enemy artillery is still firing briskly. The attack on the next day will therefore not be easy with the use of stronger forces. For the night they are ordered to set up the defense. The regimental command post will be moved back to De Vinke.

    About forces each II. Battalions: 5. – 7. (Infanterie-) and 8. (MG-) Kompanie. respective strength: 14 Officers/1 Beamte/846 NCOs and men.

    Structureand weapons (infantry division)

    Structure II./ AR 677 01.04.1940:
    Staff with Signal echelon (mot.)
    4th - 6th battery
    light artillery column (motorized)

    Light artillery battery (4 light field howitzers 2 lMG)


    Cheers. Raúl M .


      Thanks Raúl !


        You're welcome . Cheers. Raúl M .


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