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FOR REVIEW: Assmann FJ Badge

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    FOR REVIEW: Assmann FJ Badge

    Hello Gents - I request your help and opinions on this FJ badge. I don't own a copy of Tom's book (still searching for one). Anyway, I have looked online at other resources, including the WAF Database regarding this particular badge. I am leaning towards a bad (fake) badge, but a nice bad badge (if that makes sense?). I appreciate comments if I am correct or not in that assessment? The pins certainly look off. Thanks, Dan
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    Hi Dan,

    This one is indeed a fake. Decent attempt, especially with the hardware but the biggest red flag is the rivets and also the eagle detail. Study the feathering compared with a known original and you will see the differences.

    If it doesn't have a hinge and catch, I'm not interested......well, maybe a little

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      Agree with Tom and your assessment, well made but still a repro. The first thing about this one I notice is the extra long face.


        No doubt about it: this one is a forgery. The hardware is an admiral effort, however the rivets and eagle detail are the most glaring issues. Compare the feathering to an authentic example to observe the variations. geometry dash


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